Monday, April 18 2016 - Bartlett Invitational - Larnell Brown

We are continuing to INCREASE OUR TRACK AND FIELD tradition!!  We have 2 NEW SCHOOL RECORDS on the board, BABY!!


With 1 jump to go Larnell Brown broke the school record for varsity triple jump by hop, skip and jumping to 45'4.  On that last jump at the Flyin Hawk invitational, our 2nd meet outdoors, he managed to BREAK OPEN that school record with another 5 inch PR of 45 feet 9 inches!

After a NICE LONG recovery in the meet we had another NEW SCHOOL RECORD set by Larnell and BOYS!!  We have always WORKED TO GET INTO THE FAST HEAT of the 4x400m relay.  NOW WE ARE REALLY READY!!  Our team time for the 4x400m relay is close to some good times.  BUT IT IS PROGRESSING NICELY this 2016 track season!  HARD WORK and MENTAL TOUGHNESS PAYS OFF.  Setting a NEW SCHOOL RECORD for the 4x400m relay at the Flyin Hawk INVITE is  Larnell Brown, senior, Derek Kumerow, senior, Jomari Cruz, junior and our anchor Isaiah Carpenter, senior.  With a time of 3:33.15 we can mix it up with the BIG BOYS out there in track land!

OTHER SCHOOL RECORDS....  Joe McAllister set the frosh.soph 110m high hurdles record with a 17.68 just a bit off his goal of breaking 17 seconds!  Joe, is coming kid JUST KEEP WORKING!!  

WE ALL EXPECT big things to come in the next weeks.  OUTDOOR HAS BEEN A BLAST thus far boys!  Keep up the GREAT WORK!